Wednesday, 16 October 2013


Yay! so glad to be back and officially blogging again! I know its been quite a while since my last proper post. So much has been on my plate lately - I am nearing the end of my law degree and officially starting my career in the finance industry! Don't get me wrong student life was great: sleeping in till noon, going to the beach on a Wednesday and having no responsibilities besides making sure I was on top on my uni assessments (which honestly didn't happen very often either - haha!). But for a while I was feeling that I needed a change and one day I woke up and decided I was ready for that next step in life. So, I put myself out there and after 5 strenuous interview rounds I was lucky enough to land myself an amazing job in a great company!  

Pants by Sheike
Top by Sheike
Cape by Finders Keepers the Label
Bag by Celine
Shoes by ASOS
Necklace by Sportsgirl
Ring by YSL 

So, you may have also noticed something else that's new... something that is French, that feels amazing in my arms and that hasn't left my side since I first laid eyes on it... Yes, it is my CELINE!!!

Having just kicked off my career, naturally I wanted to treat myself and what better way than to purchase my first ever designer handbag! I knew I wanted a light colour but I was struggling to decide on the style and brand. I first thought about getting the classic Prada Lux Tote but it felt just a little to common and then I was certain I was going to get the Phillip Lim Trapeze but then it just didn't feel classic enough. Finally, right before I was about to give up completely out of sheer indecisiveness I randomly walked into David Jones to have a quick browse before I met with a friend for dinner. There she was... even more than I could ever anticipate; gorgeous soft calf skin leather with beautiful suede lining in the most perfect shade of beige. I've always loved the style but had never though too seriously about purchasing a Celine, only because they are notoriously difficult to get in Australia let alone in the colour that I wanted! I knew then and there it was fate.

I paired my Celine up with these gorgeous 'Wildside' pants and cut out crop top from Sheike, this elegant fitted cape from Finders Keepers the Label and these strappy sandals from ASOS. Definitely calling on my inner Amazon woman in this outfit! I'm predicting tribal styles and animal prints to be a very popular trend over Spring and Summer! 


  1. So, so, SOOOOOOOOO freaking love this. SUPER elegant, SUPER stylish, SUPER fierce, and SUPER gorgeous.


  2. Congratulations on the job, and nice outfit!

  3. Congratulations on buying that beautiful CELINE bag! I'm happy for you!
    By the way, you look really fierce and hot in your outfit right now! :)

    -xoxo, FRANCES

  4. I understand how difficult it is to be completing a law degree and getting a job, I like the passionate story you told about your encounter with your new celine bag. I love the way you combined the crop top with the cream coloured leopard skin pants. I hope you don't get overwhelmed with this period.

  5. wow girl, huge congratulations to you on the job, Celine bag is amazing treat! Such a great combo you did here :)



  6. Wow, stunning, love the look so much!

    xx MJ

  7. Great combo..fantastic styling from head to toe!! Following you now :)

  8. This outfit is so fierce and gorgeous! Loving the Celine bag too! Awesome to see you back style blogging--looking forward to your future posts!

    x. Paige

  9. What a stunning look! Love your cropped top, lipstick and bag. And the jewelry also works perfectly! Nice arty ring :)

  10. Ah! Welcome back to blogging and congratulations on your new job!

    x. Justine

  11. I love the Celine purses, there's so elegant but still different from everyone else! Congrats on landing your interviews by the way!

    Arielle from Tangled Musings
    PS, if there's a Danier leathers where you are, the Mackenzie is an awesome dupe for the Phillip Lim pashli

  12. Love the little cape, and the bag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Love your outfit and the color of your Celine bag!! xoxo

  14. Welcome back and congratulations on your new job!!! Your photos are breath taking and your outfit is uh-mazing!! Looove your new bag!!

  15. Screams out strong and feminine- inspiring as always!

  16. Screams out strong and feminine- inspiring as always!

  17. your new Celine is gorgeous! :)

    I love the entire outfit!

  18. Love your outfit and the celine bag is gorgeous.

  19. This outfit is absolutely stunning! Thank you for the message on IFB, your blog is beautiful! I'm following you on Bloglovin now, look forward to all the future posts!

    xx Chelsey

  20. Love it! Great outfit - you definitely pull of a crop top! And those pants are amazing!
    Not to forget the bag of course :) Lucky you! What an amazing way to celebrate the beginning of a new chapter in your life.

  21. this outfit is stunning on you, you look gorgeous :)

  22. Amazing look! Would you like to follow each other?

  23. amazing outfit the pants and jacket is so beautiful

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  25. I really love your photos and styling!


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