Tuesday, 19 June 2012


(ZARA Shoes,  Forcast ‘Joanna One Button Jkt’, Forever New White Top & Crepe Pants,  Forever 21 Necklaces x 2, Valleygirl Belt & ASOS  Envelope Clutch)

Hello there!!!
This is officially my first ever blog post!
I started this blog to share my obsession with shopping, sales & fashion!
(but also because the most of the people in my life are sick of listening to my stories about how much I saved on my leopard loafers by buying online) – But I hope YOU will enjoy!
I got these two Forever 21 necklaces last year when I was visiting my sis in the UK. One I wore constantly and the other (a cluster of hanging gold chains) was left unworn for one whole year! Although I attempted to wear it several times, I just found it so incredibly difficult! it always clashed or looked too busy with any outfit I wore. Finally, I realised I needed to keep it simple – a plain white top to complement the statement necklace. Well, as unbelievable as it may be, the perfect plain white top is actually pretty hard to find!
Two months later I was trying on these awesome black crepe pants (on sale – BOOM!) and the girl helping me suggested I try it on with a white top, so I did. She handed over this pretty average plain loose hanging top. But when I tried it on it realised that I was a shiny/satin-esque material – I quickly fell in love! I then made another important discovery – also on sale! (BOOM BOOM!). I knew my long search had finally come to an end.
Jess XO


  1. You've pulled off the perfect trendy office outfit. Looking gorge.

  2. Love this style, your lipcolour is lovely



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