Saturday, 9 March 2013

Fashion Palette Sydney 2013

This week blogging buddy Brooke of 'Everything Classy and Fabulous' and I had the honour of attending Sydney's Spring/Summer Fashion Palette, an annual multi-day fashion showcase featuring Australia’s established and emerging talent. September 2013 see’s Fashion Palette’s second year in New York City taking 10 of Australia’s top talent to the big apple to elevate their label’s to an international level.

Fashion Palette showcased the likes of Leona Edmiston, Saucy Rose, Mackenzie Mode, Gemeli Power, Twofolded, Chiquita Searle, Zofara, Mossée, Bettina Liano, Nicola Finetti, Wild Pony, Sharnee, Arthur Galan AG, Niki Teljega, Galanni and Akira. Featured here are some of my favorite designs.


  1. LOVE the first orange suit! great collection X

  2. wow looks like you had a lot of fun! great collections! GO AUSSIE DESIGNERS :)

  3. This collection is wonderful! I love the color pallet and the beautiful textures in the design! Great post :)

  4. gorgeous collection!

  5. Great post! You shot some awesome photos :)

    I went to the same event as well!
    You can check out my blog post on it if you like :)

  6. love the prints and lace details xoxo angel


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